Lemongrass - ginger mixture

2650 Ft

Caffeine-free, soothing and warming "tea". Available in 50 gram packaging.

lemongrass-ginger herb mixes
Lemongrass - ginger mixture 2650 Ft

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A well-proportioned mixture of Indian lemongrass and dried ginger pieces, which we put together ourselves. Until now, our popular herbal concoction was only available at our dear partners who operate specialty cafes. At the request of many, it can now be ordered here on the website, as well as several other herbs that you liked at our partners.
Available in 50 g packaging.

Lemon grass or lemon reed and ginger also come from organic cultivation, and can be used to make a caffeine-free, soothing drink.
It is also recommended to use water with a low mineral content and to avoid tap water.

Compared to the lemongrass growing in Hungarian gardens, it has a sweeter and spicier aroma and a thicker, woody stem. Really fragrant and rich in aroma, it can be made into a pleasant hot or even cold drink.

It is consumed in Southeast Asia, mixed with ginger it has a beneficial effect on the stomach, and in cold weather it also supports the internal fire.

This heat-resistant glass jug with a capacity of 400 ml is a practical tool for its preparation. For Two

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Preparation of lemongrass-ginger tea

To prepare it, use a tablespoon of the mixture, approx. In a 400 ml glass or porcelain jug.
The temperature of the water should be around 95 degrees, and the soaking time should be 2-4 minutes.

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