Sencha Saemidori Yame

9900 Ft

Vibrantly green sencha made from the youngest shoots of the 2023 spring harvest.
It has an almost gyokuro-like sweetness and umami richness.
From the Saemidori tea plant variety.
In a 50 g package, packed in Japan, stored in a refrigerator.

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Sencha 'Saemidori' - Kumaen - Yame 2023 - 50 g

Ah! It turned out to be such a tea, full of excellent aroma and a nice, long sweetness, that just nah. 🙂

In addition to the sweet taste characteristic of the variety and the clear green tea color, it also has a strong, full-bodied character characteristic of mountain teas.
This is the earliest tea that can be picked among the senchas of the Kuma tea garden. In the 2023 vintage, it turned out to be a very tasty and good tea.

The tea is rich and dense, with a refreshing sencha aroma. It is rich in umami, with a distinct sweetness and aftertaste that can be confused with Gyokuro. When you open the bag, you should immediately smell the scent of refreshing green tea.

In 2023, spring hastened to the Yame region. They were worried that the sudden heat caused the leaves to grow suddenly and whether they would make a rich tea. The joy was great, because it turned out to be, according to the tea grower, "wonderful tea". 🙂

You can find a detailed report on the sencha tea variety here. Balázs also made a video on how you should prepare this type of tea.

'Saemidori' (meaning: pure green) is a variety from Kagoshima, specially developed for warmer climates. Crossing of 'Yabukita' and 'Asatsuyu' variants, registered in 1990, so relatively new. A little earlier - approx. 1 week before Yabukita - it can be picked, so the farmers can distribute the labor more evenly, there is not so much overload at the same time. It is characterized by beautiful green leaves and a refreshing citrus and slightly sweet taste.

Introducing Kumaen

Head Tea Master Masahiro Kuma (久間正大) is a third-generation tea grower who sees growing Dento Hon Gyokuro as a year-round bet that requires months of dedicated work in the hope that the spring harvest will yield delicious tea.

His goal is to one day make tea that is more than "delicious", tea that touches people's hearts.

The entire operation of Kumaen is led by Kazumi Nakatani (中谷一美), the fourth-generation grandson of a tea farmer, whose goal is to introduce the delicacy of Japanese tea and Yamecha to as many people as possible.

Founded over 100 years ago, Yamecha Kumaen produces gyokuru, sencha, matcha and wakoucha (Japanese red tea) in the Yame Joyomachi area of ​​Fukuoka. Kumaen is known for its exceptional Yame Dento Hon Gyokuro, a style of gyokuro that must follow strict, traditional guidelines such as honzu straw shading and hand picking. Their Dento Hon Gyokuro continues to win many awards, their 2017 crop even won 2017st place in the Gyokuro division of the 1 National Tea Competition, with a maximum score.

In addition to the ubiquitous Yabukita, Saemidori, Samidori, Okumidori, Okuyutaka, Tsuyuhikari, Asatsuyu, Hikari-tsuyu, and Kirari 31 teas are also grown to produce sencha, tencha, and gyokuro. Wakoucha is also made using the Benifuki and Benihikari varieties.

You can read one in this post detailed presentation of the sencha tea type.

You can read more about the green tea category in this detailed article.

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Crowd 50 g
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Yame - Fukuoka - Japan