Fujian Yun Wu 2024

3990 Ft - 14790 Ft

I can definitely say that this is a magical green tea. It is a favorite of many and you look forward to it year after year. Unconscious smell, chestnut aroma, sophistication typical of Japanese teas. It's worth a try, you won't be disappointed.

Fujian Yun Wu
Fujian Yun Wu 2024 3990 Ft - 14790 Ft

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Fujiani Yun Wu - 'Fujian Cloud' Green Tea 2024

The 2024 early spring picking of your favorite Chinese green teas has finally arrived.
A substantial and exciting tea, which can be drunk for a surprisingly long time, is a favorite of many. The taste definitely reminds us of Japanese greens. A refreshing delicacy with a typical chestnut aroma.
Cold brew is worth it - it can also be prepared cold, still a valuable refreshment!

Ms. Chen and her family have been involved in tea cultivation and preparation for generations.
Most of our white teas and Wuyi-oolongs praise the handiwork of his family. Ms. Chen hails from Wuyishan, the home of rock oolongs. And her husband and family from Phoenix Mountain, where they make majestic dancong oolongs. And her godmother makes white teas and this wonderful green tea in Zhenghe - Fujian province.

Up until now, white tea has typically been made from this variety. However, a year or two ago - in response to our request, among other things - they also started making green tea, which was particularly successful this year.
Thanks to the type of plant used, it is much more tolerant even of hands that are only familiar with tea making - it is difficult to spoil it.

White tea can also be a good choice for cooling the body in addition to green teas during the summer.

You can read more about the type of green tea here

To prepare it, use soft water, and the temperature can be between 75-85 degrees. 5 g of tea - 250 ml of water - steeping for 1 minute gives you ideal refreshing and invigorating green tea.

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Zhenghe - Fujian - China