Tea Tasting

6350 Ft - 39000 Ft

We hold our tea tasting programs here, on the "Island of Great Tranquility".
We can also plan a private event together, for companies, teams, couples.
For yourself or as a gift. Hungarian or English.
General or thematic (e.g. only Japanese) knowledge of tea, tea making.
If the goal is specifically to experience tranquility, you can request the event in the form of a quiet tea-meditation.

If you have any questions, call us to discuss.

Tea Tasting 6350 Ft - 39000 Ft

Are you stuck on how to choose from our teas?

Tea tasting programs in our tea room

Making matcha tea HUF 6.350 / person (maximum 2 people)
30 minutes

for whom: for everyone in today's world. For those who are tired and still have a lot to do. For those who care about physical and mental health. For matcha or Japanese fans.

30 minutes in a completely different world. You can taste what we think is one of Japan's best matcha made the right way. You can learn about the details of making matcha, ask your questions or even try making it yourself. At the end of the short meeting, you can continue your day recharged in body and soul, feeling the invigorating effect of matcha and the calm environment.

Making tea HUF 6.350 / person (maximum 2 people)
30 minutes

to whom: also to everyone. For example, the one who has said "my snowshoes are full" 🙂

Phone off! 🙂 Together we will select a tea that suits you from our tea base. You can briefly learn about its history and how to prepare it correctly. You can sip a special drink slowly, with special attention - something you might not have the opportunity to do anywhere else. Once loaded, you can hurry on…

Tea making and meditation (on request) HUF 12.320 / person (maximum 2 people)
We make 3 teas.
60 minutes

for whom: in addition to the above, for those who are more interested in the world of teas - be they professionals, baristas, sommeliers, restaurateurs... - or non-professionals who want to develop a good habit that can be incorporated into every day, or replace an old bad habit.

During this time, a whole new world can open up to you. (And it's good if it's inside you too.) We will prepare 3 of the teas we have selected in a row, while you can learn about their history and the correct way to prepare them. You can find out which tea you should drink when and what effect you can expect. It is worth sitting in silence for 10 minutes just listening to the gurgling of the water and observing the scents. In the meantime, we prepare the tea, which you consume in silence. The rambling thoughts slowly stop…

Team workshop - group HUF 17.500 / person (minimum of 8 people required)
2,5-3 hours

for whom: we recommend it to those who are not yet familiar with Japanese and Chinese teas and to those who already are, but would like to deepen their knowledge further. They are really curious to see how different these teas are from the ones they have known so far. Or they simply want to taste very good teas for nearly 3 hours.

The tea plant, Asian teas and tea culture + a detailed presentation of our tea trips. Practicing tea making.

Presentation of the possibilities inherent in tea/tea drinking as an activity that gives physical and mental peace, including even meditation.

Tasting events, upon request, with meditation we keep it together.

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