Shizuoka Hojicha Karigane 50g

4900 Ft

Sweet, pleasant toasted aroma, spicy and sweet cakey, biscuity, low-caffeine, toasted Japanese green tea from the Kyoto region.

It can also be consumed in the evening, and is a good companion for friendly conversations.
We recommend it as an everyday and festive tea, it is recommended to taste it.

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houjicha Shizuoka roasted Japanese green tea
Shizuoka Hojicha Karigane 50g 4900 Ft

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Tokujo Hojicha Karigane - Shizuoka 50g

Pleasantly roasted, sweet-tasting and extremely fragrant, juicy, toasted Japanese green tea with low caffeine content. We recommend it both cold and hot.
The tea has a clear, amber-colored tea cake flavor and a caramel character. Notes of toasted bread and cake can also be found in it. It is extremely delicious, especially recommended after meals.

It is also really delicious cold, the prepared tea served with a small ice cube is an excellent refreshment.

50 gr package, packed in Japan, in an aroma-sealing bag, stored refrigerated.

The tea is a mixture of leaves and tea stems from the first harvest. The tea became even richer and sweeter from the stems. This fresh tea has been roasted once, so it has a greenish color.

Made in the Kyoto region, with artisanal methods and soft baking phases.

Recommended preparation method
Use 8 grams of tea leaves
250 ml of water, 95 °C water
Steeping time: 1 minute the first time, from the second pouring, we pour the tea after 1-2 seconds.

You can read more about the green tea category in this detailed article.

JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard): only products that meet the following conditions can receive this certification:

  1. Avoiding the use of prohibited plant protection agents and fertilizers for at least 2 years back when planting and planting seedlings
  2. Avoiding the use of prohibited plant protection agents and fertilizers for at least 2 years going back to the time of plant growth
  3. Protection and nutrient replenishment can only be done with materials produced in a natural way and from ingredients
  4. It is necessary to protect the plantation and the processing areas from pesticides and artificial fertilizers
  5. GMO seeds are not allowed
  6. Plant protection products cannot even be used against diseases, epidemics and insects.



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Crowd 50 g
Place of origin

Shizuoka Prefecture - Osada Tea Garden - Japan