Shincha Tokujyo Sencha

13900 Ft

Fresh Japanese tea from Uji, first picked in 2024. Floral and fragrant, really fresh, limited seasonal specialty.

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Shincha Tokujyo Sencha 13900 Ft

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Shincha Tokujyo Sencha
13900 Ft
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Shincha Tokujyo Sencha

20234 years of first-picked, fresh Japanese tea from Uji, the Yoshida family's tea garden.

Floral and fragrant, really fresh, seasonal speciality. "Shincha" or "new tea" is available every year in spring in limited quantities and only for a limited time.

Nowadays, it has become fashionable to consume shincha. There is a difference between fresh shincha and new tea - although both are called shincha. The former type is steamed at a low temperature, for a shorter time, and processed relatively quickly - because of this, its moisture content remains slightly higher. It should be consumed soon (within six months!), but it feels as fresh as a lush green tea garden soaked in spring rain. (New tea, on the other hand, is fresh tea of ​​the given year, which is processed for a longer shelf life and is often used in tea blends (blends) by companies.)

Haruno, Sugi Area - Located in the interior of Shizuoka Prefecture. Daikoji Temple - a nearby attraction at the peak of Mount Haruno - founded by a monk named Gyoki. There is also a giant cedar tree on the grounds of the temple, which is 43 meters tall, 1300 years old, and has been declared a natural treasure of Shizuoka Prefecture. In our opinion, only good teas can come from such a beautiful environment.

We received a total of 15 bags of shincha, which are waiting chilled for you to taste.
We recommend a 100-gram aroma sealer in original packaging.

Both lower and higher temperatures can be used for tea. Use 7-8 grams of tea leaves for 180-200 ml of water. I tasted it at a temperature of 75-80 degrees and it made a very rich tea. The first pouring is 1 minute, then 30 seconds, the 3rd again 30 seconds and the 4th pouring 1 – 1,5 minutes.

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Uji - Kyoto - Japan