Sakura sencha

5000 Ft

Light, refreshing Sencha tea mixed with Sakura flowers. Its cherry-like, fragrant, slightly salty taste is a refreshing tea for the warm season. It suits us really well at the beginning of spring and summer. 50 gram packaging

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Sakura sencha 5000 Ft

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Sakura Sencha

What is the significance of Sakura in Japanese culture?

The tradition of celebrating the sakura season can be traced back to ancient Japan, where the flowering period was used by farmers as a signal to start planting rice. As such, sakura represented hope and new life.

The first flower-viewing events began between 710 and 794 AD during the Nara period. Later, "sakura parties" and picnics became popular all over Japan.

Sakura in present-day Japan

Sakura marks spring in Japan when it begins to shed its flowers as the temperature rises. Sakura season is a big deal in Japan. People celebrate by visiting sakura-filled parks, companies release sakura-themed products, confectioners make candies depicting sakura, the and tea people mixed Sencha tea with Sakura flowers. 🙂

The beauty of sakura has been incorporated into various art forms and continues to inspire artists to this day.

The blooming period of sakura varies from region to region, and in the southern regions it is earlier and as we move north, the flowering progresses.

What is Sakura Sencha?

Sakura sencha is a special tea blend made with sencha and real dried Sakura flowers. The sweetness, cherry and slightly salty taste of sakura complements the freshness of sencha well.

It is a really refreshing tea with the arrival of warm weather, as sencha and Japanese green teas in general are excellent for cooling and refreshing the body.

Our Sakura Sencha tea came from Shizuoka, from the Osada tea garden, from which you can taste several teas in our offer. It comes from organic cultivation. Really aromatic and special.

How to prepare it and how should you consume it?

It is also excellent when prepared hot or cold. It also goes well with desserts.

Use 5 g of tea leaves for 200 ml of water, the temperature of which should be around 80 degrees. It can be lower, but be aware that you need to increase the soaking time. With these ratios, the first pour should be 1 minute, the second pour immediately, the third and fourth can be 1 minute again.

After soaking it cold, add 8 grams of tea leaves to 1 liter of water, put it in the fridge for 2-3 hours and you can eat it.

Be sure to use soft water for Sakura Sencha tea, not tap water.

You can read more about the Sencha tea type here.

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Crowd 50 g
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Shizuoka Prefecture - Osada Tea Garden - Japan