Gyokuro Iki

9200 Ft

Sweet Dew - An extremely sweet, smooth and refined Japanese green tea that has been shaded for several weeks.
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Gyokuro Kanro - shaded, sweet Japanese green tea.
Gyokuro Iki 9200 Ft

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Gyokuro Kanro - shaded, sweet Japanese green tea.
Gyokuro Iki
9200 Ft
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They make exceptional quality teas, during the processing of the teas, one person takes care of the leaves at each station. They are considered a small factory, so the connection with the teas is very direct.

This gyokuro is a really complex and soft, refined bud tea. It has a sweet aftertaste and is rich in umami.

Kanro gyokuro is available in a 50-gram package, packed for us in Japan and kept refrigerated until the moment of purchase, so that you get really fresh tea, as if you were buying it in Japan.

Gyokuro is a special type of tea for which the leaves used are shaded for 3-4 weeks before picking. In the absence of sunlight, the chlorophyll content of the leaves increases, which is why they become so very green, softer, softer and sweeter. They make a really fresh and sweet deep tea.

Preparation way:

Quantity: Use 12 grams of tea leaves approx. For 180 ml of water
Water temperature: 60ºC. Preferably fresh spring water, mineral water or filtered water with a low mineral content. It can be a good choice to use bottled water with a very, very low mineral content recommended for filter coffees.
Pouring / soaking time: 90 – 75 – 60 seconds.
Number of pours: approx. 3

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Crowd 50 g
Place of origin

Uji - Kyoto - Japan