Madoka - Japanese incense

8200 Ft

It is a gentle fragrance that offers an interesting blend of floral notes and earthy notes.
Suitable for intimate moments, calming the mind, meditation or any formal and friendly event.Shoyeido has been making incense sticks in Kyoto for 300 years.


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Madoka - Japanese incense 8200 Ft

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Madoka - Japanese incense

A delicate blend of sandalwood, frankincense and herbs, the introductory member of Shoyeido's 'Low Smoke' range.
We recommend the family to people familiar with incense, softer scents.
This sophisticated fragrance was also produced from a mixture of 100% natural spices and aromatic trees.
It is perfect for smaller rooms and for those who have not used incense burners before and are getting to know them.

It lends a clean, meditative scent, with sweet, woody tones. The low smoke content was achieved by Shoyeido using the finest charcoal, their unique discovery.

It is a gentle fragrance that offers an interesting mix of floral, sweet notes and earthy notes.

The beautiful box contains 165 incense sticks, which are packed by hand in Kyoto.

A stick approx. It is 13,5 cm long and burns for 35-40 minutes. It does not contain synthetic oils and artificial fragrances, it does not contain animal ingredients.

Use of incense:

Light the end of the stick, then carefully extinguish it with a firm movement. It is not appropriate to blow out the incense. Then place it in a suitable incense holder where it can burn safely and properly.

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Kyoto - Japan