Kyonishiki - Kyoto Autumn Leaves - Shoyeido Incense

6900 Ft

It conjures the Kyoto autumn atmosphere in our home. It is based on cinnamon, which is joined by sandalwood and other natural spices. Pleasantly sweet scent, not intrusive. One of the most popular fragrance creations of the Shoyeido company, which has been conquering for decades.
approx. The box contains 150 incense sticks. 1 incense stick approx. It burns for 30-35 minutes. (Price of an incense burner: HUF 34)

Kyonishiki - Kyoto autumn leaves - Shoyeido incense 6900 Ft

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Japanese incense - Kyonishiki - Shoyeido

The entry fragrance of Shoyeido's 'Daily' incense series. The 'Daily' series of incense are perfect and sophisticated scents that can be used anywhere and at any time.

It is also an excellent accessory for everyday use and special occasions, meditations, tea gatherings, and friendly conversations.

Cinnamon and sandalwood accented, pleasantly sweet incense.

An incense stick is 13,5 cm long, which is approx. It burns for 30-40 minutes.

The contents of the box are approx. 150 incense sticks in a beautiful, foldable Japanese box. The price of an incense stick: HUF 34.

Shoyeido's completely natural incense contains no artificial ingredients. They are handmade, which are master recipes, made in an authentic, pure way, with high quality ingredients, in Japan.

Shoyeido has been making incense sticks in Kyoto for more than 300 years.

Using the incense stick:

Light the tip of the incense burner, then carefully extinguish the flame and place the incense burner in its holder. Use a holder suitable for storing incense sticks.

This is how the incense sticks are made at Shoyeido