Incense holder

4900 Ft

Porcelain, elegant and pretty incense holders, which are necessary for safe and aesthetic incense use.

Made in Japan, they also come from Shoyeido. They can be used for both thin and thicker incense burners of the manufactory.

3,5 cm – 4 cm wide and deep, approx. They are 2-3 mm high and weigh 11 g.

Incense holder 4900 Ft

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Incense holder

When burning incense sticks, they provide a safe and aesthetic base, these sleek and elegant porcelain coasters, designed and made by Shoyeido.

They can be used for all incense sticks available from us.

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Crowd 11 g
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Umebachi-Plum Blossom, Cat on the Roof, Lucky Omen, Cranes, Nami, Tsukimi