Incense selection package - Shoyeido Japanese incenses

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Incense selection package - Shoyeido Japanese incenses

With our incense selection package, we thought of bringing together the smallest packages of Shoyeido's "Daily" series available from us, so that you can get to know them and, later on, you can also purchase the larger versions of each fragrance in wooden boxes.

You can also find these smaller packages individually, so in a set or discovery package, it is an interesting experience and comparison.

The contents of the package, which contains enough incense for 6 months:
40 Hoyei-koh (Eternal treasure),
35 pcs Kyonishiki (Kyoto Autumn leaves),
35 Nokiba (Moss garden),
35 pcs Kinkaku (Golden Pavilion),
35 Hakuun (White clouds)

Each incense stick

How are these incenses made? You can see it in this video.
A this is how a master cuts fragrant trees.

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A and our other Japanese incense here You can find.